Controls Estimating & Design Manual
PCS Engineering Solutions is pleased to present the PCS Engineering
Controls Estimating & Design Guideline. The guideline is an entry-
level controls estimating tool that teaches the basics of HVAC control
systems design as well. Originally developed as a tool to aid mechanical
contractors in generating “ballpark estimates”, the guideline covers a
wide variety of popular HVAC systems & equipment, from packaged
rooftop units to fully customized VAV air handling systems.

The guideline is essentially a compilation of nearly 100 mechanical
“assemblies”: mechanical subsystems that are shown equipped with the
controls required to make them functional (see
Systems List). The intent
is to help teach the fundamentals of control systems estimating, as an
enhancing complement to mechanical systems estimating. In addition to
being an estimating tool, it can be used as a basic control systems
design tool. Most experienced users of this guideline will find it to be a
good solid reference manual for quickly designing and budgeting HVAC
control systems.

Pricing used in the guideline was derived using “contractor rates” of
popular controls devices, as available for purchase from local supply
houses as well as national suppliers. As time goes on, prices tend to
rise, yet at the same time technologies change, allowing controls
devices to be manufactured cheaper with enhanced performance
characteristics. The pricing reflected in this guideline therefore tends to
remain stable, and the labor factors are generally unaffected by the
passing of time.

Controls Estimating & Design Guideline is an invaluable tool for
any industry professional, from the beginner just starting out in this field,
to the seasoned mechanical engineer that has seen it all. Please browse
the links below to gain a better understanding of what it’s all about.
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