Points Lists
PCS Engineering Solutions is pleased to offer this points list-generating
toolset, geared for the entry-level control systems design/specifying
engineer. A good “first step” in designing the control systems for a
project is to account for all systems to be controlled, and account for all
points to be picked up. This set of tools is designed to facilitate this
task and accelerate the basic control systems design process.

The spreadsheets that comprise this tool suite are structured in a
generic fashion, and not designed around any particular manufacturer’s
product line. This allows the user to create general system-based and
controller-based points lists without specifying a brand of controller. The
functionality of this toolset extends beyond generating simple point
counts, and it’s flexibility and ease-of-use allow even the first-time user
to quickly and easily create a professionally structured set of points list
documents. Please browse the links below to further understand the
benefits of using such a system.
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